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In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act, a decision that has many implications for the future of healthcare.  We’ve put together a quick round-up of resources to help break down the ruling and what it means to different people.

Supreme Court score card »
A PDF that summarizes the views and votes of each Supreme Court justice, along with an explanation of the results.

Supreme Court Upholds Individual Mandate »
Disruptive Women’s coverage directly following the ruling.

Round-Up: Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act »
Some articles and resources from various sources that we found helpful.

ACA Decision: Notable and Quotable »
Interesting quotes from the reaction statements of some top Congressmen and Senators, with links to the full statements.

Oral Arguments

In March, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The following questions were considered: (1) the Tax Anti-Injunction Act (2) the Minimum Coverage Provision (3) the Severability issue (4) the Federalism and Medicaid question.

About The Affordable Care Act

  • In the Kaiser Family Foundation series, “Notes on Health Insurance and Reform,” The Individual Mandate: How Sweeping? explains the ACA’s Minimum Coverage Provision, and provides analysis of just how broad the scope of this controversial “mandate” would be — Read the Post

More from Disruptive Women on the Affordable Care Act

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