Over the last 12 years, Springboard has helped over 500 women-led companies across high-growth industries to access a powerful network of innovators, investors, industry experts and influencers to help them scale.

Disruptive Women congratulates Springboard on graduating their new class of ten new life science companies! For more on the event, please click here.

Meet the founders and companies !

dorna bioinspire

Dorna Hakimi, BioInspire Technologies

BioInspire Tech.  is a start-up company developing next generation ENT products addressing un-met medical needs with billion dollar market opportunity.


valerie life cycle

Valerie Palmieri, LifeCycle Labs
LifeCycle Laboratories is a development-stage company delivering a proactive approach to managing a women’s health including diagnostics, prognostics and therapeutics.



grace soya selc care

Grace Soyao, Self Care Catalysts 
Self Care Catalysts develops Patient Storylines™, a patient and business intelligence platform that tracks real time patient decisions on treatment and disease management.



lee jones rebiotix

Lee Jones, Rebiotix Inc. 
Rebiotix is an early-stage biotechnology company revolutionizing treatment of challenging GI diseases by harnessing the power of the human microbiome.



lisa mc bioaxone

Meryl Bloomrosen

Lisa McKerracher, BioAxone 
BioAxone develops products for regenerative medicine, with  a lead biologic drug in Phase II clinical development to reduce  paralysis after spinal cord injury.



melisa talksmart

Melissa Thompson, TalkSession 
TalkSession aims to make mental healthcare more accessible, affordable, and acceptable through cutting edge technology.



stephanie truemotion

Stephanie Warrington, TrueMotion Spine 
TMSI is developing patented cervical and lumbar disc replacement devices to preserve and restore natural spinal motion while alleviating chronic neck and back pain.


paula cardialen

Paula Skjefte, Cardialen
Cardialen is an early stage medical device company developing a revolutionary pacemaker-like therapy to treat Atrial Fibrillation (AF).



lena rogne

Lena Wu, Rogne Bioscience 
Providing the safety of a topical and the efficacy of a biologic by developing the first topical biologic for mild to moderate psoriasis.



zoe zapprx

Zoe Barry, ZappRX 
ZappRx is like Google Wallet for prescription checkout, and is building tools to connect patients, doctors, and caregivers and help all three mobilize recovery directives and prescription information.





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