May 13 to 14 2015

Digital Health Innovation Summit


Join 20+ Industry Speakers & 100+ attendees in Philadelphia – This summit offers an interactive platform for those looking to utliize, innovate and develop digital initiatives within the healthcare industry.

  • 20+ industry expert keynote presentations
  • 100+ Healthcare & Digital Leaders attending
  • Interactive workshops with industry leaders
  • Over 25 hours of networking opportunities included
  • Access to online presentations on-demand post-summit
  • 20+ case studies presented from Fortune 500 companies


To learn more please contact Nathan Meyer

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Mar 26 to 26 2015

The Economist: Innovation Forum 2015

Chicago, IL

Although innovation has become synonymous with Silicon Valley, it is equally as vital to long-established industries. Global economic shifts continue to force major sectors, including manufacturing, health care and finance, to create and adopt disruptive new business models and processes.

Attend The Economist‘s annual Innovation Forum on March 26th with our $400 discount. Examine how the health-care industry is at the forefront of some of the most cutting-edge innovations and what other industries can learn from private health care’s ability to embrace rapid technological change.


Special offer: If you’re one of the next 15 people to register, you’ll also receive access to an exclusive roundtable discussion with business innovation expert Robert Wolcott on the day of the event.

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