Blog Submissions

Disruptive Women in Health Care is happy to accept guest submissions from people in all sectors of health care, as well as general readers with interesting health care-related stories.

Submissions should be sent to, along with a short bio (1 to 3 sentences) and a photo of the author if desired.

If your post is under consideration, we may contact you to ask for edits or clarifications. If we accept your submission, we will contact you to give you a projected date for publishing; we reserve the right to change this date and/or decide not to publish the post. In addition we reserve the right to make our own edits to your post without altering the meaning of your words. Once published, you will receive a link to the post.

If your post has been rejected, you will only receive an email if we are holding it for consideration at a later date or are interested in receiving an alternate or re-written piece.

Criteria for consideration:

  • The post must be relevant and useful to the readers of this blog.
  • The post must be grammatically correct and well-written.
  • The post must not be self-promotional in nature.
  • The post may include links to your website and other related sites mentioned in the content. If you include statistics or other statements of fact, please cite your sources.
  • The posts must be your own original work. If requesting a cross-post from your own blog, we reserve the right to edit it for publishing on our site.

Please note that we do not offer monetary compensation for blog posts.

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