The State of Women in Healthcare: An Update

Halle Tecco

Exactly a year ago, we decided to publish the gender data on founders at Rock Health. Despite women being the majority of our team and our board, only 30% of our portfolio companies had a female founder (today, we are at almost 34%). Because we’d like to help our portfolio companies access a diverse talent pool, we began the XX in Health initiative nearly four years ago.

The aim of this initiative is to bring women together to network and support one another. The 2,400 members of the group share resources and ideas on LinkedIn and meet regularly across the country. This week we’re hosting a webinar on the topic for both men and women, and next week along with Disruptive Women, we’ll host our sixth XX in Health Retreat in NYC.

Today, through this initiative, we are proud to share our third annual report on the state of women in healthcare. Our past reports on this topic have been some of our most popular content, and we encourage you to share this report with your colleagues.

Women are still underrepresented in leadership positions in healthcare. (more…)

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Health 2.0 Roundup

Halle Tecco

By Halle Tecco. It was beautiful in San Francisco last week, the perfect weather to welcome 1,000 health geeks to the fourth Health 2.0 conference.

Two themes seemed to anchor the demos and conversations at the conference: data and consumer empowerment.  

On day 1, Aneesh Chopra, CTO of the United States and Todd Park, CTO of US Health & Human Services set the tone with their enthusiasm for and what this means for healthcare.  They also announced the ‘Blue Button’, a program being piloted by the Department of Veterans Affairs to give veterans the ability to download their claims or medical information.

Private sector innovation was demonstrated by companies like FirstLife Research.  FirstLife is mapping and analyzing user-generated medical data that’s already on the web.  Then they use semantic algorithms and medical ontologies to convert these reports to actionable insights about medications.  Similarly, PatientsLikeMe combs through data on 19 conditions through their army of 45,000 patients that regularly track their health.  

With consumer technology comes the ability for patients to be more informed and connected.  There was lots of buzz for Castlight, a new site that provides employees with individual-level views of their health care benefits and costs. Such granular detail enables employees to become informed consumers and better shop for health care services.

Wellness apps were abundant, and a team of students from Stanford won the Move Your App! Developer Challenge, sponsored by Catch and HopeLabs.  They created an app, called Happy Feet, that encourages physical activity through a game-like activity tracker.  Another team built an augmented-reality mobile app that displays Health Rankings information based on a GPS reading, for home-shoppers or just the curious.

It was great to see a combination of large players like Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault, alongside garage hackers and health geeks.  Everyone agreed– technology is quickly making its mark on healthcare.

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Diem Brown Announces Medical Gift Registry For Patients

Halle Tecco

By Halle Tecco. Diem Brown was battling ovarian cancer when wedding and baby registry invitations begin flooding her mailbox. While her friends were asking for blenders and dishware, all she wanted was a wig and some help covering her medical bills.  But there were no resources for her to orchestrate these needs, and flat-out asking was awkward.

Fast-forward four years, and Diem is now making this resource possible for anyone in the hospital.  Since entering remission a little over 4 years ago, she has been working on a medical gift registry– amply called– which launched this week.

I met with Diem at Health 2.0 in San Francisco.  She is beautiful and confident, and radiates genuine enthusiasm and compassion for this venture.  From Real World / Road Rules contestant to ovarian cancer patient to her new role as entrepreneur and executive, Diem faces adversity with grace and resilience.  Check out our interview here.

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