Next week, Springboard will induct it’s latest class of innovative, high-growth entrepreneurs in the life science sector. Five health IT companies, three medical device companies, and two biotech companies will join 546 other companies in the Springboard portfolio. Springboard has been supporting and showcasing female entrepreneurs since 2000, and its companies in total have raised over $6.5 billion in investment. Next week, the entrepreneurs will attend a Bootcamp in Boston with interactive pitch sessions and roundtable discussions with prominent members of the Springboard network.

Following the Bootcamp, each company will engage with four to six coaches (a “short term advisory board”) from the Springboard network for about two months, where they’ll leverage the expertise and network of their coaches to perfect their investor pitch and get introduced to the right people. In July, they’ll head to Silicon Valley to give their final pitch in front of investors in the Bay Area.

Check out our newest class!

Karen is an accomplished, marketing professional with extensive life sciences business, technology and service experience.  Her proven successes in developing markets and targeting industry segments generate top line growth through client focused programs and competitive product advantages. Prior to founding Biofficient, Ms. Wills was the Vice President, Corporate Marketing for PAREXEL International, a global biopharmaceutical services company where she directed multi-faceted national and international marketing programs that increasingly contributed to sales growth for 3 consecutive years. She has led the strategic planning process and marketing initiatives as core member of management team for two life sciences technology-based leaders, Phase Forward and Outcome Sciences.  Ms. Wills holds a BSEE from Western New England University and a MBA, Marketing Concentration, from Keller Graduate School.

Biofficient’s clinical development e-procurement platform will save biopharmaceutical sponsors significant time, resources and dollars during the clinical development procurement process. This unique application enables the entire clinical RFP process to be completed online. Biopharmaceutical companies create RFPs through a secure, confidential cloud-based system. With Biofficient’s patent-pending adaptive matching algorithms, sponsors can identify vendors and review responses through a dashboard comparison by cost and experience. Simply create RFPs, track, select and compare vendors through every stage of the process on a computer, tablet, iPhone or Android device.


Andrea Paul, MD is the co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Board Vitals, she is a physician with residency training in Internal Medicine at Yale University and Pathology training at Mount Sinai Medical. She has extensive experience in medical education, teaching, and has managed over 200 physicians, nurses, and health practitioners in her career.

The company is currently  leading test preparation platform for the Medical Specialty Boards. We offer an interactive, up to date, online study system that has garnered outstanding feedback and great results for the thousands of physicians that use our platform. BoardVitals was part of the Blueprint Health accelerator in New York, and raised over $500k in seed funding for the venture. The business was recently named the ‘Most Promising Startup in New York’ by CNN, Forbes, GigaOm, Fox News, and many other news outlets have carried the story about this game-changing company.


Ting founded ClickMedix, an award-winning social enterprise born out of MIT Media Lab to help health providers serve more patients at lower costs. She relied on her decade of experience in designing and launching technology services for major US government, pharmaceutical and global education organizations. Her areas of expertise include mobile health, technology solution design, sustainable business development, competitive strategy, lean/Six Sigma process improvement, operations management, and organization change management. She spent five years implementing mobile health programs across more than 15 countries in North America, South America, Africa, and Asia to develop financially sustainable health programs accelerated through ClickMedix mobile technologies. The programs equipped health workers, rural nurses, physicians, and medical specialist with smart phones and trained them to use mobile applications to capture patient medical information, images of symptoms, and other related health data to be transmitted through phones to remote doctors who can provide diagnosis and treatment advice. Ting is the Cartier Women’s Initiative Laureate 2012 for North America. She holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and MS in Systems Engineering from MIT, as an MIT Leaders for Global Operations Fellow and Public Service Fellow.  In addition, she holds a BS in Computer Science and MS in Software Design and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

ClickMedix provides eHealth software as a service (SaaS) to allow doctors to serve 4-10 times more patients. It includes patient record tracking, streamlined workflow, diagnosis protocols, medical equipment integration and ability for doctors to diagnose patients remotely, in a configurable, HIPAA-compliant, turnkey package. It works on Web, iOS and Android devices so patients and doctors can stay connected no matter where they are or what device they use. A single “ClickMedix” mobile application installed on a phone or tablet, or accessed through a web browser, creates “One-Click” access for doctors to provide comprehensive care to patients any where.


Melissa Manice, PhD, MPH is Cohero’s founder and CEO.   She started Cohero in 2013 because, after studying barriers to medication adherence and optimal care coordination in chronically ill patients for years, she wanted to give providers and patients a meaningful and scalable solution that extends beyond the traditional research life cycle.  Melissa invented the product and focuses on product design, pilot study implementation and relationships with partner organizations such as Mount Sinai.

Michelle Zimmerman, JD, MBA is a Strategic Advisor for CoheroHealth and currently holds the position of Chief Innovation Officer at AlphaCare of New York, a new health plan that offers Medicaid Managed Long Term Care, Medicare, and Dual-Eligible products.  Prior to AlphaCare, Michelle spent time at Aetna (Healthagen Division) where she was a founding member of its business innovations team and successfully oversaw the creation of 3 new healthcare companies.  Before Aetna, Michelle was a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and, prior this this, practiced corporate law at Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison, a New York law firm.  She is the co-author of a book chapter in health policy and an advisor to numerous healthcare start-ups.  Michelle received her JD, MBA, and Honors Bachelor degrees from the University of Toronto and is a member of the New York State Bar.  Her expertise in strategic planning and partnerships has been instrumental in defining the business model and ensuring that the value proposition delivers optimal ROI for stakeholders.

Cohero is revolutionizing the respiratory market with small mobile-connected devices.  It is a platform solution for children and adults with chronic asthma or COPD that incorporates an inhaler sensor, spirometer and mobile application designed to auto track, trigger and reward adherence in real-time through an engaging, gamified patient interface.  The platform also captures lung function and auto-reports all data directly into physician EMR records.   Many of the 50 million Americans with a chronic respiratory condition (e.g., Asthma, COPD) suffer from costly complications that are easily preventable by regular adherence to their care plan and improved physician access to information. Cohero’s solution empowers patients to self-manage while providing clinicians with key metrics needed to drive optimal treatment decisions.


Jessica Ching is the co-founder and CEO of Eve Medical. Jessica is passionate about improving healthcare by bridging the gap between medical technology and patient experience. She invented HerSwab, a device to improve access to cervical cancer screening, and has taken it successfully from an early research concept to commercial launch. Jessica is a recipient of the Martin Walmsley Fellowship for Technological Entrepreneurship, and is focused on making great products with impact for their users. Prior to founding Eve, she designed health and consumer products for Herman Miller, Umbra, and Telus. She is a graduate of the industrial design program at OCADU and studied Political Science and International Development at McGill University.

Eve Medical is a medical device company based in Toronto, dedicated to improving women’s health. The company has developed HerSwab, a solution that enables women to self-collect samples to screen for cervical cancer, as well as other STIs. Cervical cancer is preventable with proper screening, yet more than 275,000 women die from it every year. By enabling women to collect their own sample, HerSwab can increase screening uptake and follow-up, and reduce mortality. Our aim is to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs for healthcare payers.


Janica is the CEO and visionary of Naia Health. A mother of three rambunctious boys, Janica fully understands the pressures moms face today and how technology can help us better manage them. Prior to Naia Health, Janica played an active role on clinical research teams at top tier pharmaceutical corporations. Janica previously lead efforts contributing to the review and approval of oncology and HIV therapies by the FDA. She utilizes this deep knowledge and experience to generate strategies for Naia Health’s product development and approval pathways. Before she joined the pharmaceutical industry, she worked in an ICU delivering care to a diverse patient population. Janica remains an advocate for women’s health, believing it to be a large underserved market that not only has great business potential, but also the ability to improve the lives of women across the world. She looks forward to revolutionizing the way in which a woman both uses and interacts with her breast pump, with the goal of increasing global breastfeeding rates.

Naia Health is a seed stage company developing innovative and connected products for busy moms on the go. Our flagship offering is a hospital grade pump that is a smaller, quieter, elegant & connected.  Our breast pump provides the tools modern moms demand, enabling them to reach both their personal and professional goals.


Dr. Costantini has held executive and advisory positions in life science companies focusing on driving products from discovery through launch. She has lead products through research, clinical, regulatory, marketing and commercialization stages, with 20+ years developing therapeutics for several indications. She plays a key role connecting early-stage companies with potential partners, venture capital, and investors, as well as directing due diligence for in- and out-licensing activities. Roles have included Vice President at the Colorado Institute for Drug, Device and Diagnostic Development (CID4), which provides funding and management expertise to efficiently develop emerging life science technologies; Vice President at Accera, where her team developed and launched an Alzheimer’s therapeutic; and on faculty at Harvard Medical School.

Prima-Temp has revolutionized wireless, continuous temperature sensing. Our devices & software precisely & continuously measure core  body temperature. Our first product, OvuRing, wirelessly & continuously tracks a woman’s  core body temperature, detecting the subtle changes that occur before ovulation, & then sends an alert to her smartphone when she is most fertile. Our next product, PT Sensor, is an external wireless sensor that communicates continuous core temperature of patients at risk for infection (hospital-acquired  infection, organ transplant, joint replacement, chemotherapy, etc) in hospitals, acute care, LTACH &  nursing facilities. Prima-Temp’s products have potential to address several other markets where temperature is important such as fitness, sleep disorders, military uses, etc. Prima-Temp brings new, innovative  approaches to improve healthcare through continuous, wireless sensing technology for 21st century thermometry.


Dr. Meyer has more than 10 years of neuroscience research experience and is an inventor on the IP on which Resilience is based. With 20+ neuro publications and 5 MIT fellowships, she excels in preclinical experimental design and molecular biology.  Prior to her work in neuroendocrinology at MIT, Dr. Meyer served as a Fulbright Scholar working with world-class neuroscientists at the Centre for the Biology of Memory in Trondheim, Norway. Dr. Meyer holds a Neuroscience PhD from MIT, and Bachelor’s Degrees in  Mathematics,  Biochemistry and  Molecular  Biophysics,  and  Bio-psychology.

Dr. Weiner earned her MIT PhD in Neuroscience and also went to MIT for S.B. Management, S.B.  Economics, S.B. Brain and Cognitive Sciences. She is a National Science Foundation graduate fellow and MIT Singleton Presidential fellow with five years experience in human clinical research at Massachusetts General Hospital, and she has authored more than 20 publications. Dr. Weiner has experience working in 3 successful startups, and she led the MIT IDEAS entrepreneurship competition for two years.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a devastating illness with huge direct and indirect costs: over $30B annually in the US alone. There are no pharmaceutical treatments available to prevent or reverse the disorder. Based on over six years of preclinical research at MIT which advances decades of research in neuroendocrinology, Resilience Pharmaceuticals is bringing the discovery of a novel molecular pathway underlying PTSD from the bench to the bedside. Our treatment has robust efficacy in a widely accepted animal model of the disorder and has several compound classes to target the pathway. While you can’t make a world without trauma, you can make the people in it more resilient.


Anoo Nathan is the founder and CEO of Smart Monitor. Anoo is a technology and business leader with extensive industry experience and over 10 years in senior management roles. She is spearheading the development and commercialization of leading edge, smart device solutions management of chronic health conditions. She has been a presenter at leading industry conferences and is an inventor on several patents. Anoo co-founded two companies, taking them from inception to profitability and exit. She worked at Hewlett Packard for several years and has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Santa Clara University.

Smart Monitor provides solutions that empower and engage patients and clinicians to better manage complex chronic health conditions. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, the company fuses together sensor, mobile and cloud technologies with big data analytics in a seamless environment to enhance the efficacy of therapeutic and care regimens and optimize outcomes. The solutions foster autonomy and enhance safety for people with chronic health conditions, while offering significant peace of mind to their families and caregivers. Smart Monitor’s clinically validated, patent-protected solutions have been commercialized, have strong market traction and referenceable customers. For more information, visit


Hina Chaudhry, MD is the Founder, Chairman of the Board and CSO of VentriNova and an Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York. She holds B.S. degrees in both Chemistry and Biology from MIT and MD with Honors from Harvard.  Dr. Chaudhry is the recipient of multiple awards including the AHA Clinical Scientist Award, Irving Scholar Award from Columbia University and TEDMED 2013 Innovation Scholar.  Dr. Chaudhry’s research program focuses on cardiac regeneration, encompassing cell cycle regulation of cardiomyocytes and stem cell biology.

VentriNova is a preclinical stage regenerative medicine company focused on reversing cardiac damage by activation of intrinsic repair pathways to generate de novo heart muscle cells. No technology on the market or in clinical development, including stem cell-based technologies and other regenerative medicine applications, has the ability to grow new heart muscle cells in the diseased heart. VentriNova’s pioneering science and technology is centered on development of biologic and small molecule regulators of the cyclin A2 gene – the key switch mediating heart cell division. VentriNova’s technology has demonstrated that modulation of the cyclin A2 gene stimulates endogenous growth of new myocytes (heart muscle cells) and significantly enhances cardiac contractile function in both small and large animals (Science Translational Medicine 19 February 2014: Vol 6, Issue 224, p. 224ra27). VentriNova is privately held and backed by Broadview Ventures and NIH funding, and now seeks $6 million in Series A investment to file an Investigational New Drug application in order to begin human clinical trials. For more information, please visit



Jennifer Lannon comes to Springboard with a passion for life science business development. As Life Science Program Manager for Springboard Enterprises, she works closely with the Springboard network and entrepreneurs to run the Life Science Accelerator and Dolphin Tank pitch events. In the past, Jennifer has worked as a consultant with the Entrepreneur-in-Residence to the NIH through BioHealth Innovation, a non-profit that accelerates the commercialization of market-relevant research in central Maryland. She also has first-hand biological research experience in gene therapy as part of her undergraduate honors program (Gemstone). Additionally, Jennifer has always had a passion for female entrepreneurship, which was cultivated further when she served as University of Maryland’s Director of Circle of Sisterhood, a non-profit that recognizes the opportunity to solve many societal issues by advancing the status of women worldwide. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology and Genetics from the University of Maryland.

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