Nancy Green

Nancy Green

“I am so motivated and inspired by those who have overcome hardship and truly inspired those around them by becoming bright lights in communities and people’s lives.” – Nancy Green

A naturally energized person, Nancy Green treasures that powerful moment when she provides a connection between two colleagues or efforts and then watches a project launch into the future. Originally planning to become a nurse and care for those in need, today Nancy leverages her talents as a natural connector and the skills to recognize the deeper vision and goals of those she meets, as the Managing Principal of Healthcare practice for Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

WZ: When you first launched into the professional world, what career paths were you considering and how did you end up where you are?

I actually always wanted to be a nurse, to be honest – to care for people directly! It was apparent early on that I had a particular talent to “hear” what people were actually saying, or, to be more specific, understand what they were not saying and the underlying drivers (or root cause) of what was driving their exploration. This drove my career path toward sales and consulting. I believe that being able to really listen (to clients, potential and current partners, and fellow innovators/disruptors) and articulate ideas and strategies that could be enabled through innovation, drives my enthusiasm every day. I really enjoy the process of connecting people, organizations and ideas together that can drive innovation, and specifically in health care – really drive change! Throughout my career – which started in technology sales to health care and government offices and moved to business development before next moving to strategy and mergers and acquisitions focused on innovation in health care – I’ve had the luck of working for some great leaders, thinkers and technologists, and have been given the opportunity to participate in some amazing initiatives. I started at Verizon in health care in 2009 to help lead strategy for its healthcare vertical. At the time, they were recruiting innovators from the health care industry to guide their efforts to become an industry leader in the health care technology space. I report into our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tippett, who is a great innovator and leads health care strategy and innovation. Through my short time here, we have been able to drive significant and innovative change to several areas of health care that is making a difference within the marketplace and is extremely exciting.

WZ: How do you invest in developing leadership and confidence among other women?

I have always believed that women are natural leaders and innovators who natively think outside of the box. Or, at least that is what I believe when I enter into each interaction that I have with women! Sometimes, those traits need to be nurtured and the “fire needs to be lit” a little. Unfortunately, we aren’t always willing to shine as bright as we should be – or perhaps that is just my opinion! Throughout my career, I have always felt that structured mentoring (and sometimes necessary unstructured mentoring!), on-going encouragement, and open accountability really help women in their career paths. I have seen some amazing things happen when women are encouraged, supported, and given the right tools to have the confidence necessary for them to shine and to innovate. Then they become the disruptive force that we know they can be! I personally mentor several women within my organization and have, over the last five years, been an executive search accountability coach for women looking for new positions.

WZ: What person motivates your imagination and dreams?

This question had me stumped for a little while, to be honest. I am not sure there really is one person who motivates my imagination and dreams – but, rather, so many past and current innovators. Early on, my dad was an amazing support system to whatever I wanted to accomplish and dreamed! What really motivates my imagination, are the possibilities and innovations that I have seen in so many different areas of technology, science, and human behavior. The willingness and desire to just not give up until a problem is solved or a new way of “coming at the issue” is explored, continually motivates me. I truly believe that anything can be accomplished, with the right amount of pressure and exploration in the needed areas. What I love about what I do is being able to connect really smart and amazing clinical minds, business strategists, futurists, technologists, and scientists together and be a part of the creation of something amazing!

WZ: How do you pursue creatively flexing your leadership talents?

Over the years, I have always been considered a maverick (in a good way!) in getting accomplished what I felt was needed for a client, a business partner, or for a deal that needed some “creative thinking” to make it happen. I have always felt that it was important to foster relationships “up and down” the organization to be able to truly understand everyone’s motivations and drivers. This includes doing it within the organization I belonged to and in collaboration with the partner I was working with on the initiative. Relationships are the most critical factor in just about everything you do every day and I believe build them is the most important thing in what I do. My leadership style, whether in running a very large sales and business development organization or leading an extremely small strategy team, has always been to lead by example. I firmly believe that by knowing your environment (what’s happening around you) and your people (what their motivations and drivers are) you will uncover that EVERYONE you meet has an amazing story and talents. That builds an entire network of people to possibly connect with your network to create and innovate.

WZ: What do you do to stay inspired?

I am lucky to be a very positive person by nature – one of “those” people who just wakes up with a positive and inspired attitude. But, on those days that I need additional inspiration, it normally comes from reading stories or accounts of amazing heroes throughout the world and what they have accomplished in their lives. I am so motivated and inspired by those who have overcome hardship and truly inspired those around them by becoming bright lights in communities and people’s lives. Their strength through adversity is what inspires me – it strengthens my thoughts that anything can be accomplished with the right attitude!

Disruptive Women in Health Care proudly recognizes Nancy Green as one of its 2014 Women to Watch.

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2 Responses to “Nancy Green: Woman to Watch 2014”

  1. Larry Christensen Says:

    You could not have selected a better person, male or female. Nancy is honest, understanding, loyal, and fearless. She possesses unwavering integrity, ethics, and morals. She is kind-hearted, and has an amazing mind, with a capacity to innovate and find viable solutions that work. She helps without hesitation, or expectation. She has perseverance, with unequaled diligence and attention to detail. Nancy has always been clear thinking, fair, and vigilant…trust me on this, she doesn’t miss a thing. She is truly articulate, and well spoken. Self expression has never escaped her…ever. Most of all Nancy has HEART, and she actually puts her money where her mouth is. Nancy is a golden treasure to all who know her. I know her well, and for many years…if I said how many, she may kill me. She is my little sister, and after reading this, my hero. I love her, we all do.

  2. Xicom Technologies Says:

    Nice post.

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