Weekly RoundupDisruptive Women is running a series this week that focuses on issues women face internationally such as human trafficking and gender based violence. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. And the series isn’t over, look for another post this afternoon and two more over the weekend!

The August recess has brought somewhat of a lull in health care related news, but there were still some interesting stories that we’ve highlighted for you below.

NPR Shots Blog has a post that looks at a woman who was “ahead of the curve” when she requested a double mastectomy 10 years ago after learning she had an early form of cancer in one of her breasts.

If you want to ensure you have strong, healthy bones you need to start thinking about it earlier in life according to a New York Times article. Currently, most people do not start worrying about their bone health until later in life which could be too late.

Want to know how much exercise might be too much, read The Boston Globe article that looks at this issue.

Exciting news came out on childhood obesity this week, according to a CDC analysis after decades of steady increases, 19 states and territories saw small decreases in the rates of obesity among low-income preschoolers. Another 20 states held steady at current rates. Check out the NPR Shots Blog article for more.

Wearable technology may give those with disabilities more independence. The Washington Post has the details.

And to end on what we think most people will consider being good news, according to Forbes the cocoa in chocolate might benefit brain health.

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