healthbeatOn May 21st and 22nd VentureBeat hosted its first HealthBeat conference in San Francisco with extreme success.  Focusing on how technology disrupts care, the event explored how “smart” hospitals, practices and patients are making positive changes in the health care industry.

Disruptive Women was proud to participate as a media partner and got the opportunity to attend the event. Below are a few highlights we wanted to share with you!

Do you find it difficult to stay fit while working full time? To remedy this, Keas announced a program called My Healthy Dish and Noshtopia to help employees make wiser nutritional choices and save employers money on health care costs.

In addition to learning sessions and compelling speakers, up-and-coming innovators got a chance to participate in the Grand Rounds Innovation Showdown, an innovation challenge. Beyond Lucid Technologies and Liviam walked away as winners. Beyond Lucid won for the Series A and above, they are the maker of a tablet app for emergency medical responders. Liviam won for the Seed round,  and is a social networking tool for people with serious illnesses.

Can women have it all? Well these moms think it is possible. HealthBeat featured several apps and panels focusing on the successes of women in the health technology innovation field.

Nurses plead, no more bad technology!  Nurses are the glue that holds medical offices, practices and teams together, and they need technology that works. Top CEOs from leading hospitals hosted a panel, educating innovators on the need to create technology that focuses on new, consumer-like user experiences and better end-to-end communications software and hardware.

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