zora_brownEarlier this month, the world lost a great advocate for cancer research and awareness: Zora Brown. Brown, who was a trustee for the Foundation for the Prevention and Cure of Cancer at the American Association for Cancer Research, struggled with multiple bouts of breast and ovarian cancer. She drew on her own experiences in her advocacy for women, especially African-American women, with cancer.

In a statement from AACR, CEO Margaret Foti said, “There is a hole in our hearts as we mourn the loss of Zora Brown, who despite her many years of dealing with two cancers and multiple relapses, maintained an amazing and courageous spirit that inspired everyone around her…. In her memory and honor, we will do our utmost to work even harder to expedite the prevention and cure of this disease that takes the lives of so many.”

Read the full statement by AACR here.

Disruptive Women salutes Zora Brown for her tireless advocacy and generous spirit.

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