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February 1st marks the start of many national health awareness initiatives, and, joining that movement, is the return of the Medication Adherence Challenge from Script Your Future, a campaign of the National Consumers League.

During the first Challenge, Script Your Future activated more than 40,000 advocates from the nation’s colleges and schools of pharmacy to join with community partners and educate more than 250,000 patients on the impacts of medication nonadherence, and ways to engage in their health care to optimize their health outcomes by practicing medication adherence. Looking to 2013, the Medication Adherence Challenge spread its wings to incorporate robust interprofessional teams from schools of the health professions across the country working together to promote patient health and wellness through medication adherence awareness.

“One of the best hopes we have for changing our culture of nonadherence is to train the next generation of health care professionals to be proactive about engaging their patients, and that starts in the classroom through the innovation brought forward by health professions faculty,” said Sally Greenberg, NCL Executive Director.

Throughout February, hundreds of creative events will take place in local communities to raise awareness on the impact of medication nonadherence. These events offer caregivers and patients the opportunity to review all of their medications and participate in free medication counseling appointments to develop a customized medication adherence plan.  Last year, Challenge teams joined with senior centers, equestrian centers, and elementary schools to host workshops on medication adherence practices and they were even inspired to shoot a target=”_blank”>rap video and host Twitter and Facebook dialogs about the importance of medication adherence.  They reached out to national and local legislators, including Governor Dave Heineman of Missouri, to make sure patients everywhere heard the message. Coming together to improve health, Challenge teams translated medication lists and reminder content into more than a dozen foreign languages to meet the needs of their community.

We encourage everyone to look for events in their community and contact the Script Your Future team if you are interested in joining the Campaign or hosting an event as part of the Challenge this February.

For more information on the Script Your Future Challenge visit the Script Your Future website. Follow the Script Your Future Campaign for Challenge updates on Twitter using the hashtag #SYFChallenge and follow the campaign @IWillTakeMyMeds. The full campaign story is also available online at ScriptYourFuture.org/YearOne.

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One Response to “The Script Your Future Medication Adherence Challenge”

  1. Pat Elliott Says:

    The links provided to this “campaign” do not work.
    The information provided about this effort shows that it is a good start but incomplete. The phrase “culture of non-adherence” is disturbing. More often than not patients have a lack of access issue, lack of insurance issue or have simply not been properly educated in the first place on the consequences of missed medications. Patients who have the same rare cancer that I do have co-pays as high as $2,500 a month with “good” insurance.Reminding someone to take a medication does little good when cost and insurance barriers are the reason they are not able to take the medication as scheduled. Hopefully this campaign will at some point be expanded to take a more realistic and practical approach to addressing the issues that impact the lives of patients throughout the US.

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