By Andre Blackman. Remember when we said that you shouldn’t miss 2012 DC Health Data + Innovation Week? Well, we weren’t playing around! The past several days at the “epicenter of health innovation” as our friend Ted Eytan would put it, will go down in the history books. With data scientists, health/medical professionals and technologists literally coming from different parts of the globe to tackle health innovation, the movement began to feel even more real.

Kicking off the week was the Health 2.0 Code-A-Thon at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health, which brought together coders to make an impact in the fight against obesity in the country. With great discussions led by local visionaries including Alisa Hughley of enBloom Media, the teams got to work to build meaningful platforms to address issues around food and physical activity. The best thing about the code-a-thon event is that something is actually built and ready to be used right afterward! Here’s some thoughts on the weekend from the Center for Total Health’s blog:

While the judging was close, the Healthy Plate team came in second (for a prize of $3,000), and the School Fit team took top honors—and $4,000—for its app that addressed the childhood obesity epidemic by building transparency.  School Fit’s app combined ranking school fitness levels with location information, really targeting the issue of obesity via civic, educational, social and family connections.  Check out photos from the two-day event here, and for a thoughtful perspective on the Code-a-Thon process, take a look at these two blog posts from Ted Eytan, MD.  Alex Howard Storified the weekend, too—you can see a social media snapshot of the event right here.

The next big event for DC Health Innovation Week was HealthCampDC. Started by Mark Scrimshire who also began the HealthCamp Foundation, was undoubtedly one of the best events in HealthCamp history. Complete with a press conference around the importance of the week’s events, quick 4 minute presentations to set the quality of the rest of the day (including our very own Robin Strongin on the Health in Place project) and several breakout sessions – the day really got ideas moving to continue changing healthcare. One of the highlights of HealthCampDC was seeing all aspects of health professionals coming together to collaborate, share ideas and build lasting relationships. From large healthcare organizations to grassroots health workers – we were all in unison on creating solutions. Also, check out our Storify report and post on the event for live tweets and insight. The evening ended with the fantastic Walking Gallery social event, bringing together patient stories and beautifully crafted jackets by the amazing Regina Holliday. Ted Eytan captured the essence of the evening over on his blog.

As if all of these events weren’t fantastic enough – the main course was just getting set up with the 3rd Annual Health Datapalooza event at the Convention Center. Developed to take advantage of big data for impact in healthcare, the event once again brought together health professionals, technologists and data enthusiasts to hear from leaders such as Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius, national CTO Todd Park and others. Live demonstrations from app developers were a highlight of the event, showing the audience how data is being used to connect community health workers as well as making physician/patient relationships seamless. If you missed the event, there is a replay of the entire conference and photos on the Health Data Initiative Forum website.

With all these events, we can surely look forward to more momentum around patient engagement, effective technologies and even MORE ideas on how to transform the health landscape for the better.

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