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By Robin Strongin. It is amazing to think that four years have gone by since the Disruptive Women blog started.  The blog aims to be forward-thinking, provocative, and – of course – a little disruptive and continues to be thanks to the great content and innovative ideas from our bloggers.  Through our bloggers and guest contributors we have been able to establish a dynamic dialogue about the health challenges facing our nation, and now, our world.

It gives me great pleasure to announce our newest eBook, A Global Conversation:  Improving the Health of Vulnerable Communities.  The book aims to focus the conversation on global health initiatives, discoveries, and best practices.  The contributors put together their knowledge from a variety of countries, levels of poverty and industrialization, several on-site experiences, and well-founded educational backgrounds in order to provide a more comprehensive idea of today’s global health.  As technology continues to rapidly expand making our lives dramatically easier, it is important to remember the places where things like childbirth, lack of immunization, and diseases could mean the end of someone’s life.

I must give a tremendous amount of thanks to our Disruptive Women Intern, Elita Wong.  This intelligent and insightful young woman set forth the ideas behind this eBook and blog series.  Additionally, I would like to thank our Disruptive Women community and all of our guest contributors.  A big thank you also goes out to Hope Ditto and Andre Blackman for their critical assistance.  Finally, thanks to David Lee for his beautiful design which elevated our eBook to an incredible dimension.

As Disruptive Women friends, it means so much to me to share this wonderful collection of work with you.  I encourage you to use your global power, whether it is through blogs, twitter, or Facebook, and share these stories with the world.  The greater awareness we can create around today’s global health environment, the more possibility someone will decide to get disruptive and make positive changes.

Download the ebook here.

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  1. Impacting the World: Stories of Change in Global Health Says:

    [...] the fantastic team over at the Disruptive Women in Health Care project, released an ebook that looks into the stories of the changemakers making an impact with their work around the globe to make the world a healthier place. I was excited [...]

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