Regina Holliday

If you haven’t seen Regina Holliday’s paintings from TEDMED yet, you are missing out. Here is one example, entitled “One Day Pass”:

Regina’s description of the painting…”It represents all the patients who proudly and happily attended the Friday session.  They had special badges they wore around their necks and they were so honored to be there. I based this little happy patient on my son Isaac who lost his father when he was only 3.  And for the past few days has barely seen his mother as I painted 14 hours each day in an attempt to create 12 paintings in a little less than four days. Yet he smiles. He holds his balloon of hope with a gracious joy. He is so happy to play with you. He is so glad for his one-day pass. In one chubby hand he holds the golden ticket: Admit One. Around his neck his badge says TEDMED Patients included.  That is a rather important label.  That means TEDMED invited patients to help design this conference, put patients on the stage and invited patients to attend.”

To review all of Regina’s painting’s from TEDMED visit her blog.

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One Response to “Disruptive Woman Regina Holliday’s Coverage of TEDMED”

  1. Hamed Says:

    Well done, Larry and Stanford AIM lab! This is not only a beautifully-produced book (I esipceally enjoyed my page 42!) but it contains so much useful value-added’ extras (as we say in PR) such as Nick Dawson’s Ask Paxton piece. It’s also a basic primer for other universities/health care organizations who want to finally include patients in future conferences. Thanks so much for this see you next month!

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