Sharon Terry

By Sharon Terry.  I am being inducted into my Ashoka Fellowship today, and attending the Ashoka Future Forum. It is astounding to meet so many other Fellows, a first of its kind gathering for Ashoka USA.

I am listening with new ears – understanding the bind we place ourselves in when we become deeply entrenched in our issues. The issue of health is especially vulnerable to being siloed, being held apart. I am really enjoying aligning health issues with all of the other issues around me here – the disruption, amongst all of these brilliant Fellows, is the use of novel and unique ideas to transform a problem.

For me the biggest question today is how can we unleash entrepreneurial insights and resources into a highly dysfunctional non-system. It would seem the answer should be an easy one, since the field is crying for solutions.

I strongly believe the first step must come from each of us – and it must result in the dissolution of boundaries. If just today we each remain attentive to the first moment of stress or conflict in our lives, and use that moment for the rich fodder that it is, we will begin the long road to deep healing, literally and figuratively.

In that first moment of colliding ideas, tension, odds… pause today – ask what you can give up, and how you can join your energy to some part of the other opposing idea.

When I do this, there will be a great energy release in the liberation of my ‘intellectual property’. I can see the other and their idea better, and find our commonality. I can call both of us to a higher place.

Let’s give health a chance today – and give it and us a break.

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