Robin Strongin

This past weekend, I made several new Facebook friends, one of whom, Dr. Rick Lippin, is a leader in the field of occupational and environmental medicine.

We exchanged a bit of information about our work, and I of course suggested he take a look at our blog, Disruptive Women.

Not missing a beat, he immediately thought of a talk he had given, almost a decade ago and sent me a link to it.  He suggested it was still relevant today.

His talk, which was delivered at the Women’s Health Conference in 2000 is entitled Work Stress in Women–From Stress to Strength. Dr. Lippin believes that work stress and work satisfaction are understudied major health issues.  (I concur, by the way).

I wanted to share his talk with you.  I am interested in what others thought of the ideas Dr. Lippin raised but also in how the work environment and stress levels (not to mention how the number of jobs) have changed over the last 9 years.

Here is the link to his talk

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