An Interview with Gigi Bate

gaGigi Bate has been working as a Public Health Nurse in the public school system in Virginia for seven years and since 2011 has been a Senior Public Health Nurse. She serves her school system as nurse to the Teenage Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program, along with coordinating health education among other school nurses in the county, developing programs to be delivered by school health nurses in the classroom and parent and school staff meetings for the public. Gigi received her Bachelor of Arts in Fine and Studio Arts from Allegheny College in 1977, her Certificate as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal from The George Washington University in 1979, and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from George Mason University in 2005. (more…)

Disruptive Women in Health Care 2014 Summer Mini-Series: Back to School–At the Intersection of Health and Education

elbWhen thinking of what I wanted to do with my future, the one thing I was always sure of was that I didn’t want a job where I’d be chained to a desk all day. Enter: teaching. After working as a camp counselor for many years and being fortunate enough to observe and help in a variety of different elementary school classrooms throughout the past couple of years, I’ll be starting my junior year at James Madison University in the Department of Education—and I couldn’t be more thrilled about my experiences to come. (more…)

Learning to Advocate

998195_410989845687629_1440879725_nEach August, National Immunization Awareness Month, reminds all of us the importance of immunization. Today, co-founder of Moms Who Vax and member of Voices for Vaccines, Karen Ernst, educates us on how to be a vaccination advocate.   

I get a lot of emails every day, but my favorite emails come from other parents who are reaching out to me as a peer looking for insight into the anti-vaccine movement. Some want advice on how to counter a particularly annoying anti-vaccine blog. Others have family members who will not vaccinate their children. Still others are amazed that an anti-vaccine movement exists and want to chat with me about it. I love these emails. I love that everyday parents are thinking about ways to take on this very vocal anti-vaccine movement. (more…)

Good Things Come to Those Who Weight…

Displaying image.jpegSummer is almost over, the kids are already or getting ready to go back to school, the sun sets sooner than it did three months ago and the crisp air of fall is settling in. For many, this is enough to go back to your regularly scheduled programs of snuggling on the couch, watching your favorite fall premiere shows (come on Walking Dead!), getting out of the summer routine of enjoying outdoor activities and  trying to maintain the New Year’s resolutions that you set in January to get beach and summer ready. But I do not want to GET summer ready. I want to STAY summer ready. (more…)

Disruptive Woman to Watch 2014: Sunnie Southern

Sunnie Southern

Sunnie Southern

Sunnie Southern is one of our 2014 Women to Watch! Founder and CEO of Viable Synergy, Sunnie is a seasoned health care industry professional with deep expertise in market preparation and new product launches. She has worked with pharmaceutical, medical supply and HITECH companies. Read our article to catch up on this Woman to Watch!

What have you been up to since we last checked in?

We have been helping health innovators build and scale new products that are changing health and health care for the better.  These innovators are tackling a very diverse set of problems, from helping to improve life success factors for children and (more…)

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