Adventures in Co-Parenting: Inner Resolution, a Revolutionary Thought

Amber Coleman-MortleyJealousy is a real and natural part of life.  To believe that adults should suppress these types of raw emotions or that feelings of jealousy should be reserved for children is unreasonable.  Rather than suppress these emotions, analysis of these feelings helps get to the root of the problem.  I’m not usually an envious person, but I can get jealous when I believe something is not “fair.” Ideally, life should be even and fair and like most people, I never want anyone to have an advantage over me.  As a former college athlete, I often have to consciously step back and realize that in many situations, there is no score. This kind of competitive spirit has no place in most real life situations because the focus is on the situation rather than potential solutions.  But in reality, you struggle.  You want things to be fair when a relationship has gone sour and you find yourself picking up the pieces and moving on. Misery loves company.  (more…)

Lava Mae

The United Nations states that access to sanitation is a basic human right.  Yet, in the United States the homeless are often forced to go without access to showers. San Francisco is a prime example of this deficit where there are only 16-20 showers to service an estimated 4,500 homeless person population. Today, DW interviews Donnice Sandoval, creator of Lava Mae, a sustainable mobile shower for the homeless in San Francisco. She shows us that sometimes it truly is the simple things that are the most disruptive. 

How were you inspired to create Lava Mae?

Homelessness is an issue I’ve cared about for a long time. I live in a neighborhood that was once predominately middle class African American families. The dramatic gentrification that has overtaken the city has changed that. We’ve watched too many of our neighbors move from their homes to their cars and then the street. I wracked my brain for what we could do but could never figure out how to end or stem the tide of rising homelessness. Then one day I passed a young woman on the street who was homeless and crying, feeling that she’d never be clean. (more…)

Unintended Consequences: Sensors & the Rise of Ransomware

It's MeAs I was surfing the news on my wifi-enabled airline flight this morning, I saw an article describing how hackers have now figured out ways to hijack mobile phones by getting control of Find My iPhone accounts and holding hostage those account owners who want control of their phones back. For all of us who have set up this feature to remotely identify where we left our iPhones, we may now realize the unintended consequences of remote tracking: tech hijackers can steal password data, remotely lock iPhones and iPads and then send messages to users saying their iPhones and iPads will be unlocked — after they send $100 to a PayPal account. (more…)

My Heart Breaks for Your Child

Autistic HoyaTrigger warning: Brief homophobic/heterosexist quote, and extensive quotes and descriptions of ableist and eugenicist rhetoric.


“I don’t want a handicapped child.”

I read that line in a mother’s story of her disabled child’s birth and first few weeks, and it gave me that awful, wrenching feeling–you know, the one where your insides kind of shrivel up and your breath catches somewhere in the back of your throat, hinging on tears or gasps or other sounds of enervated shock. (more…)

Has Patient-Centered Health Care Run Amok?

Trudy-Lieberman -- biggerBeginning with the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) landmark Quality Chasm report in the late 1990s, the health policy establishment, the medical profession and the American public began to hear a new and disconcerting message: American health care was not patient-centered.

The IOM prescribed a number of recommendations to redesign health care delivery, one calling for patients as the source of control over their care. “Patients should be given the necessary information and the opportunity to exercise the degree of control they choose over health care decisions that affect them,” the IOM recommended, noting that patients should have access to their medical (more…)

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