An Icon of Labor: Rosie the Riveter

Glenna Crooks

It’s Labor Day here in the US. What better day to interview that most famous icon of workers.

Rosie, you burst onto the scene on Memorial Day in 1943 and have since become one of the most famous of all workers. 

Yes, that’s right. Norman Rockwell portrayed me as a manufacturing worker, but it was the song – and a short film that today you’d call a music video – that made me a household name. It was a catchy little tune and the films showed women at work in jobs traditionally held by men. The captions said that were more efficient. That was probably the propaganda of the day, but I think it was true. I am pleased to (more…)

Disruptive Health Education Resources

Weekly RoundupTo round up our series on health and education, we present to you some disruptive health education resources. Whether you are a student, parent, or teacher, ensuring the health of our next generation should be a priority observed by all.

According to an article  in The Atlantic, students are not getting enough sleep. As noted in a new policy study released by the American Academy of Pediatrics, “The empirical evidence [of] the negative repercussions of chronic sleep loss on health, safety and performance in (more…)

An Interview with Edie Burman

edEdie Burman has been a Language Arts teacher for grades 5-8 at Grace Day School in New York for the past 41 years. This is a small, private Episcopal day school on the south shore of Long Island. Its mission is to educate children in a traditional manner. Teaching the basics while also providing religious instruction, the arts, music, technology and physical education is the goal.  Before teaching at this school, Edie taught art at a junior high school in Brooklyn, New York after getting her degree in Art Education from Brooklyn College. (more…)

An Interview with Amanda Sager

asAmanda Sager graduated from Bridgewater College in 2009 where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis on Early Childhood Development. After college, she became the Site Director for the After School program at Cub Run Elementary in Rockingham County, Virginia. After a year at Cub Run, Amanda then moved to Mountain View Elementary in Rockingham County to open the Before and After School program as the Site Director there.  She was at Mountain View for three years before accepting the position as Behavioral Specialist at Spotswood Elementary School in Harrisonburg City. After two years at Spotswood she moved to Thomas Harrison Middle School in Harrisonburg City to work with students with autism. Amanda started at Second Home same time as she started at Thomas Harrison. (more…)

An Interview with Gigi Bate

gaGigi Bate has been working as a Public Health Nurse in the public school system in Virginia for seven years and since 2011 has been a Senior Public Health Nurse. She serves her school system as nurse to the Teenage Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program, along with coordinating health education among other school nurses in the county, developing programs to be delivered by school health nurses in the classroom and parent and school staff meetings for the public. Gigi received her Bachelor of Arts in Fine and Studio Arts from Allegheny College in 1977, her Certificate as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal from The George Washington University in 1979, and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from George Mason University in 2005. (more…)

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